Picture of the Goats of Llandudno in their natural habitat

Llandudno also known as the Queen of Welsh resorts, became globally famous after images emerged of its Kashmiri Goats wandering its deserted streets during lockdown. These sightings provided much needed entertainment across the globe.

The history of how the goats made their way to the seaside resort goes back to Queen Victoria, when she was gifted a pair by the Shah of Persia in 1837 and The Royal Windsor Herd was thus established. 


 Lord Mostyn acquired a pair from the Royal Herd and brought them to his Gloddaeth Estate on the outskirts of Llandudno in the late 1800’s. It seems the goats were a little too enthusiastic about munching through his Lordship's prized flower beds and they were promptly moved to the Great Orme where they have remained to this day. 

The herd has grown to be over 100 in number, and despite the town getting busy again the Billy goats are still often spotted outside the likes of Starbucks, church gardens, Primark and so on, seemingly totally unconcerned by traffic and humans. 

The Goats of Llandudno have become the Victorian seaside town's most famous residents and are much loved by all, apart from keen gardeners.